Honeo Death
Age: 12    Species: Skeleton    First appeared: No. 1

A pretty average milquetoasty kid who likes video games and hanging out with his friends. And he doesn't have any skin!

Oyama Youko
Age: 15   Species: Revenant     First appeared: No. 4

As smart as a whip, if not as skinny as one, Youko is the star pupil at Purgatory School. Like all revenants, she has a drive to complete a task she left unfinished in life, which means she's a compulsive eater who tips the scales at fifty grams. Intelligent and ethical, Youko is sure to be perpertually disappointed by the world.

Age: 14   Species: Mummy     First appeared: No. 4

A former Egyptian princess. She might seemed like your garden-variety spoiled dimwit at first, but don't be fooled! It must take some kind of hidden genius to maintain one's shallowness and naivete for over 3500 years. Her main reason for hanging out with Youko is so she'll look thinner by comparison.

Lafcadio Ciccione
Age: 13   Species: Chochin Obake    First appeared: No. 2

This little asshole is the guy that would be on the "peeing on whatever" rear-window decals if there were any. And he can't even pee! He's just an eye, a tongue, and some paper. A notable fire hazard as well as a constant source of irritation to all around him.

Age: 3,030,000,071   Species: Demigod/Force of Nature     First appeared: No. 1

Honeo's dad. He's very busy with his job collecting souls and seems to have come a bit unmoored from reality because of it. He also doesn't get paid much, necessitating a hand-to-mandible existance for Honeo and himself, but he does get a huge castle to live in rent-free, and occasionally tries to start up a side business in one of the many surplus rooms.

Kaori "Corey" Oyama
Age: 18   Species: Yuki-Onna   First appeared: No. 445

Youko's long-lost mom. Currently works as a cheerleader for the New Memphis Reindeer, Santa's sports team.

Angel Pie Hova
Age: 4,005 (early 20's, in human terms)   Species: Demigod/Angel    First appeared: No. 44

Granddaughter of supergod Jeb Hova, Angel Pie's hobbies are playing the guitar, feuding with longtime rival Luci Mae, and abusing her fetus by guzzling beer and smoking like a chimney. She lives with her family in a gigantic golden trailer cube.

Luci Mae Siffer
Age: 3,975 (see Angel Pie)    Species: Demigod/Devil    First appeared: No. 44

The granddaughter of Stan, the legendary rebel who was thrown out of the cube thousands of years ago for stealing a pig's soul. She and the rest of the Siffer clan live in the mountains, brewing soulshine and warring with the Hovas. Like Angel Pie, she's really too old to be in school, but as they're both dumb as bricks, they can't graduate. Unlike her usually-abrasive angel counterpart, she can be quite sweet to another who's not a member of the rival clan.

Chad Dracul
Age: 13   Species: Vampire    First appeared: No. 44

A quiet little vampire lad, very popular with the ladies, possibly because of his mysterious aura. Currently dating Youko on a casual basis.

Age: 40    Species: Mummy     First appeared: No. 59

During her life, she was one of the strongest pharoahs in Egyptian history, but after death, "Hattie" found she had to share power with all the other pharoahs who went before her. While votes determine the percentage of power she wields, she can't actually get kicked out of office - none of the pharoahs can. This leaves her free to spend time with her daughters, or it would if she weren't completely pickled a lot of the time.

Kimberly Kumquat
Age: 11   Species: Witch    First appeared: No. 44

A nasty little magic-user who enjoys using her skills to manipulate others and generally give them a hard time while remaining safe behind her personal force wall. Tiny but vicious, like a ferret.

Dan Deeman
Age: 13   Species: Demon    First appeared: No. 44

A demon who's obsessed with the Teen Titans for some reason. (A note on demons v. devils. Demons used to be living people, devils are the descendants of Stan and were never alive on Earth. That's the difference.) Dan is incredibly dorky but suprisingly manages to have a girlfriend -- Kimberly rashly promised it to him in exchange for his help. She doesn't have to be NICE to her boyfriend, though.

Principal Hades
Age: 31   Species: ??    First appeared: No. 57

The school principal. Or as he prefers, Princi-pal, because he's your pal! Totally dedicated to the school and his students, even if his idea of what's good for them can be a bit warped.

Medea Lee Sunflower
Age: 39   Species: ??    First appeared: No. 39

A sociopathic psychotic who was executed for strangling young children. After her death, she went into teaching. It's not known what she is... although she looks human, bits of something else come through when she gets upset, which is frequent.

Tsunomi Joseiki
Age: 15   Species: Oni    First appeared: No. 44

A natural-born bully, she's rich, built like a tank, and has low self-esteem -- a dork-poundingly effective combination! Most of the other students have been beaten to a pulp by her at least one, except for the ones who already are a pulp.

Kapparine Freeter
Age: 24   Species: Kappa    First appeared: No. 9

She seems to work everywhere, although it might be just that she can't hold down a job at any one place for long. She's been a receptionist, clerk, waitress, and virgin sacrifice, among other things.

Lameesha Suitcase
Age: Claims "29 and 11 months"   Species: Lamia    First appeared: No. 37

She may have a cold, serpentine body from the waist down, but as long as her perky upper half sticks over the newsdesk, Lameesha will be a fixture on the Channel 5 news. Her last name is sensuously pronounced "Sweet-cah-see".

DJ Tonja (and Coochi "Big Mouth" Boca)
Age: 23   Species: Futakuchi-onna    First appeared: No. 309

This team-up broadcasts on RFGO, New Memphis' most popular music and variety radio station. Tonja used to be a veejay, but couldn't keep herself slim enough for television's harsh standards with a ravenous extra mouth on the back of her head, so a career in radio it was! The two of them are a very popular duo and pratically run the station.